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The taste of tradition with first quality materials.



The main ingredient of our menu is meat and we use exclusively meat produced by organic farms. We serve our meat in raw version or we carefully flavored it with precious essences and spices. We also cook our meat with Josper oven or charcoal grill oven.

Typical dishes

Master Chef

Passionate about high quality
Second-generation butcher, Stefano Ruggero discovered between the counter and the back of the shop the importance of a first-choice meat. In 2016 Stefano decided to open his own restaurant, Il Ceppo Toscano.

Stefano, Master Chef

Lo Chef

Macellaio di seconda generazione, Stefano Ruggero ha imparato tra il bancone e il retrobottega l’importanza di una carne di prima scelta. Nel 2016, deciso a dare vita a un ristorante tutto suo, ha creato Il Ceppo Toscano.


Il Ceppo Toscano

Il Ceppo Toscano is housed in a Convent of XII sec. inside the medieval walls of San Gimignano, the city of “100 Torri”. The particular structure of the Convent, made of vaults, create a suggestive and magical atmosphere ready to host you.